Dress Code


  • Students are able to wear any color leotard to tap, jazz, lyrical or hip hop. Ballet students ages 8+ must year a BLACK leotard.
  • A nude leotard is required for students ages 8+ performing in the recital in June.
  • Hip-Hop Classes may wear comfortable clothing and sneakers to weekly classes!


  • Saturday Morning Classes- 9:15-10:15am & 10:15-11:15am- Capezio Ribbon Tie Tap & Capezio Daisy Full Sole
  • Monday & Thursday Combo Classes (Ages 5-7) - Capezio Tapster/ Capezio Xtreme or Bloch Split Sole Canvas in Pink
  • Tap Classes (Ages 8+)- Capezio Tapster/ Capezio Xtreme
  • Ballet Classes (Ages 8+)- Bloch Split Sole Canvas in Pink

  • Tights

    Below are the needed tights for June’s recital:
    The only requirement for classes during the school year is Capezio Full Footed or Convertible in Ballet Pink for ballet classes ages 8+.

  • Saturday Morning Classes- Danskin, Full Footed, non-Run, TAN
  • Monday & Thursday Combo Classes- Capezio, Stirrup, LIGHT TAN
  • All other Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop Classes- Capezio Stirrup- LIGHT TAN
  • All other Ballet Classes- Capezio Full Footed or Convertible, BALLET PINK

  • Hair

  • Hair must be pulled back away from dancers face. A bun is required for ballet classes’ ages 8+.